coffee & tea



our whole recipe fresh roasted in hong kong

nutty, medium body, coca bitter aftertaste and little citrus

whole milk / soya milk / skimmed milk


very “short” shot espresso



30ml shot of coffee, extracted under pressure


espresso macchiato

espresso topped with textured milk foam



hot water topped with a fresh brewed espresso (by-pass method)



espresso with steamed milk and light foam on top



espresso with steamed milk and foam. espresso, milk and foam proportion 1:1:1


flat white

espresso with steamed milk and fine milk foam on top



espresso blended with chocolate and silky textured milk


piccolo latte

small version latte, stronger and sharper taste



espresso dusted with chocolate and topped with textured milk foam


shakerato (3oz)

espresso shake with sugar and ice, foamy texture


iced americano


iced latte


iced cappuccino


iced mocha





harney & sons – classic collection
full-leaf tea carefully packaged into sachets to preserve the full flavor
and aroma that comes with a traditionally brewed loose-leaf tea.

earl grey supreme, english breakfast, hot cinnamon spice, paris



citron green, dragon pearl jasmine



mutan white tea



chamomile, peppermint



10% service charge